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Delco Times  2/11/2023 Guest Column:  NFL memories: The first Eagles championship 75 seasons ago and how Steve Van Buren got to the stadium

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 10/28/2022 Guthrie living the dream on the Phillies roster

Delco Times  12/11/2021 Guest Column:  Allen's omission from the Hall of Fame is a disgrace

Delco Times  12/11/2020 Guest Column: An unforgettabe Phillie, on and off the field

Delco Times  5/28/2020 Guest Column: Remembering Jack Klotz, an icon in Delco sports

Philly Man "It didn't take long for Joe Girardi to earn a special place in Phillies history"

Delco. Times 1/29/2020 "Missing Kobe Bryant, proud icon of Philly hoops"

Delco. Times 11/3/2019 "Girardi already among Phils’ most notable skippers"

Phila. Inquirer 5/12/2019 "Dave Montgomery was one of a kind"

Phila. Inquirer 4/13/2018  "A trip to Iceland is one you'll never forget"

Delco. Times 12/10/2018 "The Phillies' connections to George H. W. Bush & gov't"

Delco. Daily Times 2/10/2018 "Other Philly champs"

Philly Man   "It's Been a Great Year for Sports Figures from the Philadelphia Area"

Delco. Daily Times 11/6/2017 "A swing & a miss for this new-fangled baseball"

Delco. Daily Times 8/9/2017 "Darren Daulton: A favorite on on & off field"

Delco. Daily Times 9/21/2016 "It's been an extraordinary year for Philly-area sports"

Jewish Sports Heritage, Winter 2016 - Eddie Gottlieb

Delco. Daily Times 1/8/2016 "How Ted Williams knew a winner when he saw one"

Delco. Daily Times 12/16/2015 "Tanking Teams? It shouldn't be allowed"

Delco. Daily Times 8/23/2015 "Chase Utley will be missed"

Delco. Daily Time 7/14/2015 "Spotlight on Philly is founded in history"

Delco. Daily Time 4/09/2015 "Reminiscing about the Phillies' first World Series"

Delco. Daily Times 2/23/2015 "Save the Mickey Vernon Museum"

Delco. Daily Times 12/10/2014 "Dick Allen deserved better than Hall snub"

Delco. Daily Times 11/14/2014 "Petrie’s induction in Philadelphia Sports Hall well earned"

Delco. Daily Times 10/23/2014 "Retired Yankee Jeter has to be considered among best" 9/19/2014 " The Athletics' last game in Philadelphia"

Delco. Daily Times 6/21/2014 "Gebhart: Isn't that Rich? Another book about baseball"

Delco. Daily Times 8/18/2013 "Charlie Manuel: A class act who will be missed"

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/2/2013 "Salute to the '93 Phillies"

Delco. Daily Times 4/29/2013 "Robinson led off in fight against racial intolerance"

Delco. Daily Times 4/4/2014  "Chester played pivotal role in Bo Ryan's success" 2/12/2013 "Phillies have nomadic Spring Training history"

Delco. Daily Times 1/22/2013 "Remembering Stan 'The Man' Musial A Pennsylvania Guy"

Delco. Daily Times 1/12/2013 "Steroid users' merit for Hall not so clear-cut"

Philadelphia Inquirer 11/26/2012 "Why Philadelphia breeds a major-league attitude"

Philadelphia Daily News - 9/23/2012 Paul Hagen: Who is the true face of the Phillies?

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/2/2012 "Chamberlain's outsize impact"

Delco. Daily Times 12/31/2011 "charities gone too far"

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/20/2011 "When the Phillies Lost for 3 Weeks"

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/24/2011 "When the Phillies were our other team"

Philadelphia Inquirer 10/1/2010 "The best Phillies of all time"

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/15/2010 "Halladay's perfect game put Phillies atop NL list"

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/10/2010 "Another Roy deserves prominence"

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/4/2010 "Phillies' Manuel joins elite 500-win club"

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/9/2010 "Baseball's beloved bad calls"

Delco. Daily Times Ed Gebhart's tribute to Westcott 4/4/2010

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/17/2010 "127 springs - and counting"

Delco. Daily Times 1/5/2010 "Rescued pets are a special joy" (PDF)

Philadelphia Inquirer 10/18/2009 "A look back at the Yanks v. Phils in 1950"

Philadelphia Inquirer 10/18/2009 "Phillies-Dodgers evokes memories of long rivalry"

Delco. Daily Times Harry Chaykun on Westcott's tribute to Mickey Vernon 11/23/2008

Delco. Daily Times 9/15/2009 "Manuel manages to join quirky Phillies company"

Philadelphia Inquirer 9/14/2009 "Philadelphia has a long history of black baseball"

Philadelphia Inquirer 7/14/2009 "Phillies All-Star Game History"

Philadelphia Inquirer 6/16/2009 - "With 250th win, Moyer joined select group of Phillies"

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/14/2009 - "We'll all miss Harry Kalas' voice"

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/14/2009 - "Can the Phillies repeat?" (PDF)

Philadelphia Inquirer - 1/2009 An extra learns about the movies PDF)

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 2008 Why Mickey Vernon should be in the Hall (PDF)

Philadelphia Inquirer - 10/2008 The Phillies Championship Parade 2008 (PDF)

Philadelphia Inquirer - 10/2008 An author looks back at the team's appearances on baseball's biggest stage (PDF)

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 2008 - Review of "THE MOGUL" (PDF)

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